Meeting room solution

The control room is the core of implementing daily business management, decision-making, and emergency response, and plays an important role in transportation, public safety, command and scheduling, finance, and other industries. Abison provides customers with an overall control room solution with high stability and convenient operation. Our control room product portfolio includes LED display systems, audio and video processors, and visual control systems

With ultra high resolution, it can achieve high-definition and fine display;

Support system access, processing, control, and display capabilities for multiple and complex signals;

Must be able to support 7 × Continuous operation for 24 hours, with high stability and reliability;

Low noise, low heat dissipation;

Suitable for long-term viewing.

AXP LED Multimedia Processor

Processor model: AXP300T/AXP600T/AXP620T/AXP700T

AXP LED multimedia processor is a splicing processor suitable for small pitch LED splicing. In particular, a unique design has been made for the irregular splicing of LED screens and the effective display area of the display unit, greatly simplifying the operation steps and significantly improving the display effect. It has features such as multiple model options, screen splicing, character superposition, seamless switching, signal clipping, scenario saving, and software pre operation.

As the integrated control center of the centralized control system, the Lingxi visual control system can achieve unified access, management, and control of signal nodes and equipment nodes. The platform supports cross regional cluster deployment and multi user remote mutual control to achieve efficient collaborative command and control. Lingxi visual control system integrates multiple functional applications such as video on demand, video storage, screen management, pre monitoring echo, audio management, central control management, equipment management, user rights management, video transcoding management, intelligent visual control, etc. It has advanced technology, stable performance, strong compatibility, convenient operation and other characteristics, providing users with high-quality display and control platform solutions.

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