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Solution Corporate events
Corporate events

Whether it's news conferences, product launches, forums, corporate annual meetings, cocktail parties, or other application scenarios that pursue high-end and high-quality experiences, Abison's LED display solution for corporate events will assist customers in displaying either a grand or beautiful stage, providing multiple product options, allowing unlimited combinations of ideas, and helping enterprises present unique styles.

Accurate correction, quick operation: with leading brightness and color accurate correction technology

Excellent image quality and rich details: Leading HBB and color accurate restoration technology, supporting 4K and full HD, HDR10 standards, high definition, high refresh rate, high gray scale, low brightness, and high gray, meeting the requirements of live shooting in different occasions, easily obtaining rich image details

Better experience, more energy saving: IMD four-in-one integrated packaging technology, higher pixel density, highlighted images, and better visual experience. At the same time, innovative common cathode technology is adopted to improve 20% contrast, reduce 20% energy consumption, and save more energy

Creative splicing and diversified installation: concave-convex arc and 90 ° angle installation, meeting various creative display requirements, creative display charm stage, can adopt various installation methods such as lifting, seat mounting, ceiling, etc., to adapt to various environmental needs

Efficient loading and unloading, lower cost: double side automatic lock design, supporting quick loading by one person, using lightweight materials to make the box, convenient transportation, saving labor and time costs, and lower transportation costs

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