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Boost Digital transformation of energy! Collection of Application Cases in Abison Power Industry

Deeply promoting the energy revolution and achieving the "dual carbon" goals on schedule is a solemn commitment of China to the world, and is also an important part of the 14th Five Year Plan and the 2035 long-term goals. In the field of energy, electricity is an important fundamental industry that is related to the national economy and people's livelihood. With the marketization of electricity and the improvement of power grid construction, digitization, intelligence, and low-carbon have become the development direction of power enterprises.

In the wave of Digital transformation of electric power, Abison, based on the transformation needs of electric power enterprises and taking LED display screens as the carrier, launched a visualization solution for integrated display and control. The product is safe, stable in performance, and reliable in quality. It has been successfully applied to the centralized control center, operation center, report hall and other scenes of many large electric power enterprises to promote the construction of a new power system.

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant is the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant with a million kilowatts in Chinese Mainland, which has achieved a high starting point for nuclear power in China. In November 2021, Abysson flip chip COB large screen "Yueyan Series" was officially lit in the radiation monitoring and early warning center of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant. The excellent display effect promoted the center to complete the key step of Digital transformation, ensuring the improvement of radiation monitoring and management efficiency of the nuclear power station.

In 2020, the CR series of Abyson ultra high definition small pitch LED display screens entered the Datang Yunnan Power Centralized Control and Dispatch Center. Unique color enhancement technology, image sharpening technology, ultra-high refresh rate, and image processing technology bring professional display effects, achieving visual management of business processes, and bringing more possibilities for power system data monitoring, scheduling, and daily operations.

Xinjiang Tianchi Energy Changji Thermal Power Plant is an energy enterprise under TBEA, a leading enterprise in the global power transmission and transformation industry. It mainly provides power supply for the high-tech zone and southwest of Changji City, and provides winter heating. In 2020, Abison's ultra high definition small pitch LED display screen was officially put into use in the intelligent dispatch and control center of Tianchi Energy Changji Thermal Power Plant, promoting digital management and scientific decision-making.


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